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Beretta PX-4

Factory Beretta Captive PX-4 Guide Rod assembly

Stainless Steel Non Captive PX-4 Guide Rod

                                        The top picture is of the factory Beretta PX-4 guide rod. It is a one piece unit.
                                        The guide rod, recoil spring and bushings are all one piece and held together by
                                        a plastic tip that snaps into the end of the guide rod.
                                        The non captive rod I offer for the PX-4 is shown below the factory rod. Please note
                             the non captive stainless rod will not hold the recoil spring and bushings in place.
                                        These will be separate components and the
factory rod will have to be disassembled
                                        so that the recoil
rod and bushings can be used on the non captive stainless rod.
                                        The benefits of a non captive stainless rod are that the recoil spring can be easily
                                        changed when needed and that the components can be easily cleaned and oiled as
                                        needed. The stainless rod will also add extra weight under the barrel.

                                       Note: I also offer a stainless steel captive guide rod for the PX-4. This is a special order item
                                                and requires shipping me your factory guide rod. Click here for details

Captive Rod Disassembly

Beretta PX-4 factory guide rod

                                   Most factory plastic captive guide rods cannot be disassembled without destroying the guide rod.
                                  This usually involves cutting the guide rod to remove the recoil spring. Be careful, parts will fly!
                                  The Beretta PX-4 and Cougar are exceptions. The Beretta's use a plastic tip on the front end of
                                  the guide rod that can be removed by compressing the recoil spring to expose two openings on
                                  each side of the guide rod as shown below.

The locking tabs on the tip of the rod have to be pressed in with equal pressure to release the tip.
You really need three hands to do this. I have talked to some who have compressed the
recoil spring and used a set of vise grip pliers to clamp around the plastic rod to hold the
spring in the compressed position. This allows both hands free to press in on the plastic tabs
with two small screwdrivers and releasing the tip from the rod.

I do a lot of these so I made a special tool just for the Beretta's.
This was fashioned from a set of snap ring pliers.

Good luck,

Here's a tip from Rommel

i found a quick way to remove the px4 rod with just a flat head screwdriver and no other tools.
much easier than using clamps/pliers
1. field strip the gun and reinstall and adjust the plastic rod so the locking tab is reinstalled facing 45 degrees away from the barrel. make sure the gun is free of ammunition.
2. reassemble the gun as normal
3. retract the slide and lock it in the open position using the catch lever
4. using a small flathead screwdriver press the exposed tab on the plastic guide rod while supporting the rod and pry the tab towards the front of the gun. Once you remove one side of the tab, the retainer cap can be removed without having to  press the tab on the other side.
5. field strip the gun again taking care when disassembling the guide rod as the spring is no longer captive.
6. insert the new metal guide rod and reassemble.
took all of 5 minutes.  not sure if others may have hesitated replacing the rod due to not having the right tools, but with above method anybody can do it...
again great product and thanks..


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