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Colt Government 380 Series 80 Full Length
Stainless Guide Rod & Bushing

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Colt full length guide rod

Colt Government 380 Series 80 Full Length Stainless Guide Rod & Bushing

        Bedair Machine Works is proud to offer a full length stainless steel guide rod & bushing
        for the Colt Government 380 Series 80.
        All components are made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel and machined to exacting
        specifications. All components are "drop in" with no fitting or modifications required.

        Each kit includes:
        * One stainless steel guide rod.
        * One stainless steel bushing (this replaces the factory plug)
        * Printed installation instructions (also shown below)

        The Colt Government 380 series 80 full length stainless guide rod kits are $75.00 each
         Plus $5 Priority shipping.
                                                                              Thank you,
                                                                                      Steve Bedair

Stainless steel guide rod & stainless steel bushing


Stock plastic guide rod & stock closed end plug weigh  4.0g (0.141 oz)
 Stainless steel full length guide rod & bushing weigh   18.6g (0.656oz)

Assembly Instructions

First you will need to remove the factory guide rod, recoil spring, & plug:

Make sure the gun is unloaded!

                    1. Point Muzzle upward and press down on the recoil spring plug. At the same time rotate
                        the barrel bushing clockwise 1/4 turn. This will free the factory plug and recoil spring.

                    2. Keep pressure on the plug to prevent it from flying out. Then allow the plug and spring
                        gradually extend out of the slide

                    3. Remove the slide from the gun as you would for cleaning.

                     Once the factory components have been removed follow the steps below to install
                     the full length guide rod and bushing :

  Install the full length stainless guide rod as shown.

                              The recoil spring and bushing are installed from the front as shown.

                          Compress the recoil spring & bushing until the barrel bushing can be turned
                          into the correct position. Be careful while compressing the spring
and bushing
                          so that it does not fly out.


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Cutomer Comments
Colt Full Length Guide Rod Kits

      Hi Steve...

Finally I made it to my outdoor range only last week to give the Colt Gov .380s
 full workouts using your steel guide rods and bushings so I could report back to
 you how things worked. Backing up a bit...installation was a breeze, and the new
 parts look great in contrast to the blueing and blacking of the frames and slides
of the two guns - I like that a lot...!!
Now... To test function I tried a variety of ammo with a widerange of weights
( ~ 52 to 95 gr) including several types of ball ammo and hollow points...some of
 which don't work well or at all in several of my other .380s (Bersa Thunder, NAA
 Guardian come to mind...and maybe one or both of these very Colts with the factory
 setups). I shot the Colts weak hand with loose grip...sideways and upside
down...AAAAND - not one malfunction of any kind...beautiful firing cycles resulting
 in good accuracy at 10 meters. BTW...don't know if you noticed but one gun is a Pocket
Lite with lighter alloy frame and the other is all steel. So what more can I say...?
 I'm in love with these little Colts all over again. Great work, Steve...I couldn't
 have asked for more. In my opinion everyone who owns a Colt Government .380 would
 do well to purchase one of your steel full length guide rod with modified bushing.
I think you have a winner on your hands.
Feel free to use me as a reference and as a very satisfied customer.
Take care,
Trooper Walsh
Arlington, Virginia

Hi, Steve.
  I received the full length guide rod for my Colt Govt. 380 today.  Perfect fit and function, and that's about the nicest looking
aftermarket piece I've ever seen.  Thanks very much for shipping so quickly, and especially for making this product.  I've been looking for one of these for quite a long time.
  I hope you don't mind, but I posted your URL on the Colt forum, so that other members looking for these will have an opportunity to get one.
Thanks again.


Warren, MI


Firearm safety is up to each individual.  Each guide rod is manufactured to original manufactures specifications.
I cannot be held accountable for any damage or accidents incurred with this product.

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