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Custom Stainless Steel Guide / Recoil Rods

Stainless captive rod for a Beretta PX-4


            To make a stainless guide rod for the following models requires shipping me your factory guide rod.
            I have to reuse the factory recoils spring and / or bushings (I do not stock these parts)

            Beretta 92/96-A1
            Beretta 90-Two
            PX4 Storm
            PX4 Storm Sub Compact   (cannot make the PX4 Storm Compact model)
            Walther P99 , PPQ (cannot make the PPX model)
            S&W P99
               Ruger SR9 & 40 (cannot make the Compact or SR45 model )
            Beretta Nano
            CZ P07 Duty


            Captive Plain End stainless rods are $45.00 each plus $5 for USPS Priority Shipping ($50.00 total)

            Captive Checkered end stainless rods are $60.00 each plus $5 for USPS Priority Shipping ($65 Total)

              Texas residents need to include 8.25% tax ($53.71 for a plain end rod or $69.95 for the checkered end rod)

            A check along with the shipped rod will be fine or I can send you a paypal invoice once the rod arrives.
            Please include a note stating Plain end rod or Checkered end rod.

            The finished rod will be shipped out within 48 hrs of receiving the factory guide rod.

            To make a stainless captive rod I will need your factory rod shipped to me so that I can reuse the recoil spring and / or front bushings (I do not                 stock these parts)


            Thank you,
            Steve Bedair

            Note: Please use a small box or bubble mailer when shipping your guide rod.
            Do not ship the guide rod in a regular envelope. The automatic sorting equipment will tear an envelope and the guide rod can get lost.

            Please do not require a signature on your package. It is usually delivered at lunch and if no one is here to sign
            it will be the following day before I can receive it.

            Shipping Address:

            Bedair Machine Works
            25404 Country Club Rd
            Gladewater, Tx. 75647

                                                            The Beretta PX4 & PX4 Sub Compact plain end rods will have a stainless button head threaded tip.
This allows a hex key to be used for easier removal.
                                                                                        Sorry the button head tip is not available for other models.

                                                    Beretta 96A1 factory plastic guide rod                                                Beretta 96A1 captive stainless guide rod
                                                        (Note the plastic rod bends)

                                                                        Beretta 96A1 captive checkered end guide rod                                Beretta Nano Stainless guide rod


                                                                          Beretta Cougar stainless guide rod                                                          Threaed captive tip.

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